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Health and Safety

Service managers:

Delphine Bouchet, Séverine Deforges, Rabia Benazzouz and Rémy Sterling

Delphine Bouchet, Séverine Deforges, Rabia Benazzouz et Rémi Sterling are the “preventing officers” (or ACMO = the health and safety officers in charge of the rules implementation at the laboratory). They received specialized training before being appointed by the Unit Director.

Their role is to educate all members of the lab to health and safety procedures and help to implement appropriate actions to improve the existing work conditions.

The Unit Director is responsible for ensuring the health and safety unit’s personnel who are placed under his authority.

However, «Health and safety are everyone’s responsibility»
The Official Decree n°95-680 assigns all health and safety responsibilities (Unit Director, team leaders, unit’s personnel). Quoting: "the agent must contribute actively to guarantee his own safety and his colleagues’, any users’ and the environment safety as well (...)”.
The agent must read the rules specific to the unit, the adequate work practices, the arrangements to take in case of an accident or a disaster and be aware of the responsibilities involved.

Health and safety internal committee

In 2011, the ITA’s committee created Health and safety internal committee to have a relay between the preventing officers and the different teams. One member of each team has been chosen as a member of this committee, which meets every 3 months (or more, if necessary).

New staff members to the laboratory

Newcomers will receive the “HSE Guide” and will sign the health and safety registry.

The concepts of hygiene and general safety are presented by the unit ACMO/H&S officers, Delphine Bouchet (CGFB building), Séverine Deforges (Magendie East) or Rabia Benazzouz (Magendie West), to any new personnel in the unit. They are available to help you if you have any questions or problem related to health and safety.

Those newcomers should be made aware of any health and safety rules specific to their workstation by their tutors.

Members of the Health and safety internal committee

ANGIBAUD Julie, IE1 CDD Inserm - V. Nägerl - T. 05 57 57 40 99
BENAZZOUZ Rabia, IR Univ. - M. Landry - T. 05 33 51 47 64
BOUCHET Delphine, IE CNRS - L. Groc/J.-B. Sibarita - T. 05 57 57 40 94
BREILLAT Christelle, IR CNRS - D. Choquet - T. 05 33 51 47 31
DEFORGES Séverine, IE CNRS - C. Mulle - T. 05 33 51 47 80
KARATAS Zeynep, AI CNRS - G. Giannone - T. 05 33 51 47 42
TESSIER Béatrice, AI CNRS - O. Thoumine - T. 05 33 51 47 29