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Receptor Organization and Synaptic Function


Contact: Eric HOSY

Tel. (+33)5 05 33 51 47 30

Scientific Context

The Membrane Trafficking axis is integrated into the Dynamics of Synapse Organization and Function group .

This activity is headed by Eric Hosy (CR1, senior researcher) and currently involves, Benjamin Compans (PhD student) and Julia Goncalves (PhD student). The topic started when application of new high density super-resolution imaging technique reveals that AMPAR are not homogenously distributed inside the synapse but organized in nanodomains of around 80 nm which contained around 25 receptors each. Based on this discovery, the objective is to couple super-resolution imaging technique (U-PAINT, sptPALM, dSTORM) with electrophysiology to decipher how glutamate receptor organization and mobility impact on the synaptic transmission properties. The different topics mainly studied in the group concern:
  • The development or the improvement of new highdensity live imaging techniques
  • The understanding of the molecular compounds which organize AMPAR inside the synapse
  • The relation between AMPAR dynamic and its conformational state
  • The regulation of AMPAR dynamic organization during synaptic plasticity

  • Technical approaches

    We use all the various super-resolution imaging technique on living and fixed tissue (U-PAINT, sptPALM, dSTORM, STED) and we recently developed setup which couple live-imaging to electrophysiology and 2P uncaging. These techniques should allow to link synaptic currents to AMPAR organization and to understand how the glutamate availability inside the synaptic cleft tunes synaptic transmission.

    Selected publications

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    Compans B., Choquet D., Hosy E. 2016 neurophotonics
    role of AMPA receptor nano-organization and dynamic in the properties of synaptic transmission.

    Former Members

    Audrey Constal (PhD student) - Kalina Haas (PhD student) - Estelle Toulmé (post-doctoral fellow)