Monday 8 February 2016, by Levet Florian

Quantification of protein organization and dynamics using single-molecule localization microscopy and High Content Screening

J.B. Sibarita, D. Choquet and A. Beghin

We have built a fully automated single-molecule localization and tracking super-resolution setup for live cell cultures in standard multiwell plates and High Content Screening (HCS). We have validated our approach on a relevant biological question, and we can estimate that the complete super-resolution screening protocol takes less than 8 hours for a p96 multiwell plate (from super-resolution acquisition to hits identification) and generate up to 80 Gb of data (i.e tracking parameters such as diffusion coefficient of single molecules or percent of immobile tracks per cell, …). This project is still in validation and publication process.

This work has been presented at the meeting SMLMS 2015.

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