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Special call for papers Neurophotonics

Special call for papers Neurophotonics on Superresolution Microscopy of Neural Structure and Function.

Guest Editors:
U. Valentin Nägerl, University of Bordeaux - CNRS
Jean-Baptiste Sibarita, University of Bordeaux - CNRS

Progress in microscopy has always triggered new discoveries in the field of neuroscience. The advent of superresolution microscopy, which was recently acknowledged with the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, is setting the stage for a major expansion of our understanding of the physiology of neurons and their synapses at the molecular level. This special section aims to publish papers presenting advances of superresolution microscopy techniques and their application to neuroscience.
Topics we specifically seek to cover include:

• Application, validation, and comparison of superresolution techniques
• Technical innovations for improving speed, depth penetration, sensitivity, labeling, etc.
• Computational methods for data analysis
• Combination with other approaches to probe and manipulate neural function
• Experimental analysis of timely neurobiological problems, including synaptic architecture, function and plasticity, neuron-glia interactions, or pathogenic mechanisms.

Paper formats to be considered include regular research papers, letters, review papers, and perspective pieces.

Manuscripts due 15 December 2015.