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Invited talks at conferences and workshops

10/2018 Advances on Optical Imaging, Cold Spring Harbor Asia, Suzhou, China
07/2018 Fens Forum, Berlin, Germany
06/2018 DENDRITES, Herkalion, Crete, Greece
05/2018 EMBO Workshop on Molecular Neurobiology, Crete, Greece
04/2018 20th International Neuroscience Winter Conference, Sölden, Austria
03/2018 ASN meeting, Riverside, California, USA
03/2018 EMBO Conference, Neuroscience Program of Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan
02/2018 Barcelona Institute of Science & Technology Symposium, Barcelona, Spain
10/2017 Cajal Advanced Training Programme (Connectomics), Bordeaux, France
10/2017 EITN workshop on Dendritic Spines, Paris, France
08/2017 International Society for Neurochemistry Meeting, Paris, France
06/2017 Gordon Research Conf. Excitatory Synapses and Brain Function, Switzerland
07/2017 Neural circuit development & plasticity School, Utrecht, The Netherlands
07/2017 Cajal Advanced Training Programme (Synapses), Bordeaux, France
07/2017 Cajal Advanced Training Programme (Neural Circuits), Lisbon, Portugal
03/2017 19th International Neuroscience Winter Conference, Sölden, Austria
03/2017 EMBL Course: Super-Resolution Microscopy, Heidelberg, Germany
10/2016 Spanish-Portuguese Meeting for Advanced Optical Microscopy, Bilbao, Spain
09/2016 Royal Belgian Society for Microscopy, Brussels, Belgium
09/2016 IMPRES Max Planck Summer School, Bonn, Germany
07/2016 FENS Meeting, Copenhagen, Denmark
06/2016 J. Monod on "Optical Imaging of Brain Structure & Function", Roscoff, France
06/2016 Meeting of the French Glial Cell Club, Marseille, France
05/2016 EMBO Conference on Imaging the Brain, Warsaw, Poland
04/2016 The Brain in Focus Conference, Rungstedgaard, Denmark
03/2016 I.M.A. Workshop on Neural Imaging, Cambridge, UK
02/2016 Inauguration Symposium BioMedical Center, Munich, Germany
11/2015 "TOP Runners’ international lecture", Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan
10/2015 The 15th Eibsee Meeting, Eibsee, Germany
09/2015 Inserm workshop on Super-Resolution Microscopy, Bordeaux, France
09/2015 EMBO course "Two-photon imaging of brain function", Munich, Germany
07/2015 Frontiers of Brain Science, Tohoku University, Japan
07/2015 XII Meeting on Glial Cells in Health and Disease, Bilbao, Spain
06/2015 8th Imaging the Cell workshop, Bordeaux Imaging Center, Bordeaux, France
05/2015 Dynamics of Synaptic Scaling, French Neurosci. Society, Montpellier, France
04/2015 17th Neuroscience Winter Conference, Sölden, Austria
02/2015 Super-resolution Symposium, University of Innsbruck, Austria
02/2015 Super-resolution Microscopy Meeting, Lab. Molecular Biology, Cambridge, UK
01/2015 Multi-dimensional fluorescence live imaging conference, Kyoto, Japan
12/2014 MIC symposium, University of Bern, Switzerland
09/2014 6th Special Conference of the Intern’l Society for Neurochemistry, Tokyo, Japan
09/2014 37th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Neuroscience Society, Yokohama, Japan
08/2014 Optics, Photonics, Nanoscience & Engineering, SPIE Conf., San Diego, USA
06/2014 J. Monod on "Optical Imaging of Brain Structure & Function", Roscoff, France
06/2014 Frontiers in Neurophotonics Summer School, Quebec City, Canada
05/2014 Colloque Bordeaux - Kyoto University, Bordeaux, France
04/2014 TargetECM meeting, Hebrew University, Rehovot, Israel
03/2014 Imaging/sensing biomolecular function & assembly workshop, Talence, France
03/2014 Intern’l Society for Neurochemistry program committee, Long Beach, USA
01/2014 IBRO workshop, Debrecen, Hungary
12/2013 High-resolution imaging and applications, Institut Pasteur, Paris, France
10/2013 Biophysical Society of Japan Meeting, Kyoto, Japan
10/2013 German-French Science Summit, Würzburg, Germany
09/2013 Novel Optical Microscopies for Biomedical Applications, Palaiseau, France
09/2013 FENS Featured Regional Meeting, Prague, Czech Republic
09/2013 3rd ECMNET Conference, Opalenica, Poland
09/2013 European Synapse School, Bordeaux, France
09/2013 EMBO course "2-Photon Imaging of Brain Circuit Function", Zürich, Switzerland
08/2013 Advances on Optical Imaging, Cold Spring Harbor Asia, Suzhou, China
07/2013 ISCCB "New horizons in Cell Imaging", Rouen, France
07/2013 International Union of Physiological Sciences (IUPS), Birmingham, UK
07/2013 Euroglia meeting, Berlin, Germany
05/2013 Astrogia - ECM Signalling and Neural Activity COST-workshop, Palermo, Italy
05/2013 Japanese Society of Microscopy, Osaka, Japan
04/2013 Intern’l Society for Neurochemistry-ASN Joint Meeting, Cancun, Mexico
01/2013 Life Sciences Switzerland Meeting, Zürich, Switzerland
11/2012 11th International Congress of Neuroimmunology (ISNI), Boston, USA
11/2012 MRC Next Generation Optical Microscopy Panel, London, UK
09/2012 European Microscopy conference, Manchester, UK
09/2012 International Society for Neurochemistry, Buenos Aires, Argentina
09/2012 PENS training center, University of Lausanne, Switzerland
08/2012 Edu-GLIA Summer School, Margaux, France
08/2012 Cold Spring Harbor Lab Course Imaging Neural Structure and Function, USA
07/2012 Conference Jacques Monod, Roscoff, France
04/2012 14th Neuroscience Winter Conference, Sölden, Austria
10/2011 15th Annual Congress on Cytometry, Paris, France
09/2011 STED user meeting organized by Leica, Göttingen, Germany
09/2011 Meeting of the Geneva-Lausanne School of Pharmacy, Zermatt, Switzerland
07/2011 EMBO course on mouse phenotyping, Zürich, Switzerland
06/2011 ELMI meeting, Alexandropoulos, Greece
03/2011 Pittcon Meeting, Atlanta, USA