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*Vergnano A, *Rebola N, *Savtchenko L, Pinheiro P, Kieffer B, Rusakov D, #Mulle C and #Paoletti P (2014).
Zinc dynamics and action at excitatory synapses. #equal senior authors
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Carta M*, Lanore F*, Rebola N*, Szabo Z, Viana Da Silva S, Lourenço J, Verraes A, Nadler A, Schultz C, Blanchet C, Mulle C (2014)
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Neuron 81: 787–799.

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Veran, J., Kumar, J., Pinheiro, P.S., Athané, A., Mayer, M.L., *Perrais, D., and *Mulle, C. (2012).
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Neuron 76: 565–578.

Rebola N, Carta M, Lanore F, Blanchet C, Mulle C (2011)
NMDA receptor-dependent metaplasticity at hippocampal mossy fiber synapses.
Nat Neurosci 14: 691-693.

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Maingret V, Barthet G, Deforges S, Jiang N, Mulle C, Amédée T. (2017)
PGE2-EP3 signaling pathway impairs hippocampal presynaptic long-term plasticity in a mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease.
Neurobiol Aging. 50:13-24.


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Synaptic plasticity and spatial working memory are impaired in the CD mouse model of Williams-Beuren syndrome.
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George J, Cunha RA, Mulle C, Amédée T. (2016)
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An anterograde rabies viros vector for high-resolution large-scale reconstruction of 3D neuron morphology.
Brain Struct Funct 3:1369-1379.


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Stephen F. Heinemann (1939–2014).
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*Vergnano A, *Rebola N, *Savtchenko L, Pinheiro P, Kieffer B, Rusakov D, #Mulle C and #Paoletti P (2014).
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Neuron 82, 1101–1114

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