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Interviews and videos

- March 2015: Video TEDx Cerveau & Lumière - A talk on ’Light to understand and control the brain’ by Daniel Choquet

- December 17, 2014: A talk on "Molecular Imaging of the Synapse" by Daniel Choquet at the "Chemistry and Brain" Symposium organized November 12th, 2014, by the Foundation of the Maison de la Chimie (Paris).
Download the videos of the conference and the issues: here

- September 5, 2014: Daniel Choquet Keynote lecture at Neuroinformatics 2014 in Leiden (The Netherlands) on ’A nanoscale view into the dynamic of AMPA receptor organization in synapses’

- February 29, 2012: Interview with Daniel Choquet as Plenary Lecturer at the 8th FENS Forum on Neuroscience - Barcelona, July 18, 2012 - A talk about Synapse function and organization at the nanoscale

- March 2011: LabEx BRAIN presentation by Daniel Choquet

- March 16, 2011: Vidéo de la conférence de Daniel Choquet au Lycée Camille Jullian Bordeaux sur Le nanomonde de la synapse: link