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  • Happy New Year! Lots of amazing discoveries and nice papers for everyone!
  • Au revoir Dr. Thomas Pfeiffer, chapeau for an excellent thesis defense!
  • Bienvenue new team members: Agata Idziak, Richard Barrillet, Carlotta Pessina and Emanuele Murana joining us from Germany, France and Italy!
  • 2018 will see the start of 3 new ANR-funded projects: Castro: Calcium signalling in astrocytes, regulation of tripartite synapse and gliotransmission; Nanospace: Brain remodelling after traumatic brain injury, combining MRI and STED; MISST: Multi-scale investigation of synaptic dysfunction after stroke
  • Congrats to Stephane Bancelin for winning a Marie Curie Postdoc Fellowship (coming one week after the birth of his baby boy)! Our productivity is clearly on the rise! ;-)
  • And get sharp answers for your super-resolution questions here ;-)
  • Check us out at the SfN Meeting in San Diego: #ECS_on_SUSHI
  • Welcome to visiting professor Dr. Sun Kwang Kim, who will join our team for a sabbaticle! Hwan-yeong!
  • SUSHI is featured as a Research Highlight in Nature Methods, check it out!
  • SUSHI was selected as "Great French Advance in Biology" by French Academy of Sciences
  • In vivo STED imaging paper is out now!
  • More happy funding news, a new ANR project on Nanoscale neuro-anatomical determinants of synaptic strength, plasticity and integration will see the light, in collaboration with David DiGregorio and Christoph Schmidt-Hieber at the Pasteur Institute and Daniel Cattaert in Bordeaux