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Synapse in Cognition

Synapse in Cognition

Team Leader: Yann Humeau

Yann Humeau is a tenured CNRS Investigator since 2008. After achieving his graduate studies (University of Rennes), he moved to the University of Strasbourg where he received a PhD in Neuroscience in 2002 under the supervision of Bernard Poulain. He then joined the lab of Pr Andreas Luthi (Friedrich Miescher Institute, Basel, Switzerland) as a post-doctoral fellow (2002-2004). In 2004, he joined the CNRS as a junior investigator in Strasbourg (UPR 2356), and started the "SynIQ" project dedicated to the study of the synaptic deficits associated with cognitive disorders. Since 2011 he is leading the ATIP+ team "Synapse in Cognition" at IINS in Bordeaux.

Yann Humeau was awarded by the Pfizer price for scientific research (2006) and the bronze medal of the CNRS (2008).

Contact: Yann-Humeau, tel. +33 (0) 5 33 51 47 03

Project Summary

The main objective of the team is to understand the link between synapse and cognition by investigating the consequence of genetically encoded cognitive deficits at the synaptic level. Our recent results shows that several MR mouse models exhibit functional synaptic deficits at cortical projections to the lateral amygdala, a structure involved in the coding of fear memory.

We will examine the role of MR proteins in the process of memory formation by analyzing biochemical, morphological and physiological changes of cortico-LA synapses in mice submitted to fear conditioning.

Ex vivo experiments will be completed by an in vitro approach on genetically manipulated cultured neurons, to allow an ideal control of MR-gene expression and the use of imaging of living synaptic contacts at the nanometer scale and single molecule tracking of various synaptic receptors