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AMPAR Diffusion and Synaptic Plasticity

Contact: Daniel CHOQUET

Tel. (+33)5 33 51 47 15

Scientific Context

The AMPAR Diffusion and Synaptic Plasticity axis is the historic research theme of the team Dynamics of Synapse Organization and Function group .

This activity is directly supervised by Daniel Choquet (DRCE, senior researcher) and currently involves Tiago Campelo (PhD Student), Hajer El Oussini (Post-doctoral fellow), Christelle Breillat (Research engineer) and Natacha Retailleau (Assistant Engineer). We demonstrated that AMPARs diffuse at the neuronal surface and constantly exchange between synaptic and extrasynaptic locations by Brownian diffusion (Bordgorff & Choquet, Nature 2002), that this diffusion is highly regulated by neuronal activity (Opazo et al. Neuron 2010, Hafner et al., Neuron 2015, Constals et al. Neuron 2015) and that this diffusion can modulate short term plasticity (Heine et al. Science 2008). Based on these initial findings, we have postulated that AMPAR surface diffusion and it’s regulation are key factors to regulate AMPAR numbers at synaptic sites. This has led us to suggest that AMPAR surface diffusion and regulated stabilization through interaction with scaffolding proteins is a fundamental mechanism at play during various forms of synaptic plasticity. To test this hypothesis, we are developing complementary topics:
  • The development of various methods to control AMPAR surface diffusion in intact tissue and in vivo
  • The study of the impact of modifying AMPAR surface movement on several forms of synaptic plasticity, including LTP in vivo and on various forms of learning
  • The analysis of the molecular mechanisms responsible for activity dependent AMPA Receptor stabilization at synapses

  • Technical approaches

    We use various technics such as slice electrophysiology, cell biology coupled with high resolution microscopy and video-microscopy.


    This activity is currently funded by the ERC "ADOS " 2014-2018: D. Choquet (Coord). (Ampa receptor Dynamic Organization and Synaptic transmission in health and disease).
    Starting in February 2019, a new ERC advanced grant to D Choquet "Dyn-Syn-Mem" (Dynamic mechanisms and functional roles of synaptic plasticity in memory) will bring this activity to a more integrated level

    Recent Publications

    CaMKII Metaplasticity Drives Aβ Oligomer-Mediated Synaptotoxicity.
    Opazo P, Viana da Silva S, Carta M, Breillat C, Coultrap SJ, Grillo-Bosch D, Sainlos M, Coussen F, Bayer KU, Mulle C, Choquet D. Cell Report. 2018 Jun 12;23(11):3137-3145

    Hippocampal LTP and contextual learning require surface diffusion of AMPA receptors.
    Penn AC, Zhang CL, Georges F, Royer L, Breillat C, Hosy E, Petersen JD, Humeau Y, Choquet D. Nature. 2017 Sept 13

    Localization-based super-resolution imaging meets high-content screening.
    Beghin, A, Kechkar, A, Butler, C, Levet, F, Cabillic, M, Rossier, O, Giannone, G, Galland, R, Choquet, D, and Sibarita, J.B.Nature Methods. 2017 14 1184-1190

    Shisa6 traps AMPA receptors at postsynaptic sites and prevents their desensitization during synaptic activity.
    Klaassen RV, Stroeder J, Coussen F, Hafner AS, Petersen JD, Renancio C, Schmitz LJ, Normand E, Lodder JC, Rotaru DC, Rao-Ruiz P, Spijker S, Mansvelder HD, Choquet D, Smit AB. Nat Commun. 2016 Mar (Klaassen RV, Stroeder J, Coussen F, co first-authors; Choquet D, Smit AB, co last-authors)

    Lengthening of the Stargazin Cytoplasmic Tail Increases Synaptic Transmission by Promoting Interaction to Deeper Domains of PSD-95..
    Hafner AS, Penn AC, Grillo-Bosch D, Retailleau N, Poujol C, Philippat A, Coussen F, Sainlos M, Opazo P, Choquet D. Neuron. 2015 Apr

    Glutamate-induced AMPA receptor desensitization increases their mobility and modulates short-term plasticity through unbinding from Stargazin.
    Constals A, Penn AC, Compans B, Toulmé E, Phillipat A, Marais S, Retailleau N, Hafner AS,Coussen F, Hosy E, Choquet D. Neuron. 2015 Feb

    CaMKII-dependent phosphorylation of GluK5 mediates plasticity of kainate receptors.
    Carta M, Opazo P, Veran J, Athané A, Choquet D, Coussen F, Mulle C. EMBO J. 2013 Feb

    Regulation of AMPA receptor surface trafficking and synaptic plasticity by a cognitive enhancer and antidepressant molecule.
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    Surface mobility of postsynaptic AMPARs tunes synaptic transmission.
    Heine M, Groc L, Frischknecht R, Béïque JC, Lounis B, Rumbaugh G, Huganir RL, Cognet L, Choquet D. (2008). Science, Apr 11;320(5873):201-5

    Regulation of AMPA receptor lateral movements.
    Borgdorff AJ, Choquet D. (2002). Nature, 2002 Jun 6;417(6889):649-53.