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Cell culture resource is part of the cell biology core facility of IINS. It provides primary hippocampal neurons (mice and rat), organotypic slices and heterologous cell culture (COS-7 cells, HEK, fibroblasts). DNA transfer can be done either by transfection (transfection reagents or electroporation) or viral transduction (lentivirus, AAV, sindbis virus).

Levels of confinement

The cell culture facility is divided into 4 culture laboratories with a L2 level of confinement, in negative pressure relative to intermediate room. It’s also composed by a culture laboratory with a L3 level of confinement for virus.

Equipment for cell culture rooms

These cell culture rooms are equiped with the following:
  • 36 laminar flow hoods
  • 6 horizontal flow hood for dissections with binocular magnifier including one with co-observer oculars
  • 40 CO2 incubators
  • 12 inverted microscopes for examination of cell growth, 2 of them are equipped with fluorescence
  • 1 microscope for single cell electroporation
  • 4 nucleofactor
  • 2 cell counter from Logosbiosystems
  • 2 picospritzers for viral infection in slices

  • Note: Two laminar flow hoods and two CO2 incubators are dedicated to virus transduction.

    Service offer

    The cell culture resource of IINS can help you in setting up your culture system. It can also provide primary neuronal cultures on a contract basis.

    Full-time staff member

    JPEG Emeline VERDIER
    Assistant Engineer UB
    Funded by the LABEX BRAIN

    Part-time staff members

    JPEG Delphine BOUCHET - IE CNRS - Team Groc

    Christelle BREILLAT - IR CNRS - Team Choquet

    Nicolas CHEVRIER - AI CNRS - Team Choquet

    Sophie DABURON - AI CNRS - Team Choquet

    Constance MANSO - AI CNRS - Team Groc

    Matthieu MUNIER - AI CNRS - Team Thoumine

    Natacha RETAILLEAU - AI UB - Team Choquet

    Béatrice TESSIER - AI CNRS - Team Thoumine

    Former members

    Arnaud FROUIN
    Fabien NECA
    Aurélia LE DANTEC
    Camille GENUER
    Zeynep KARATAS
    Pauline DURAND
    Audrey BARRANGER
    Sébastien BENQUET
    Elise GOYET
    Nathan BENAC