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IINS restarts gradually

Since March 17th, IINS was in lockdown. Nearly all its personnel was in confinement, except for a small number of people to run at minimum the animal facility and take care of the essential equipment – Very warm thanks to them! Most people undertook to work from home and IINS scientific life continued nevertheless, working on analyzing data, writing papers and preparing projects.
We are all very proud of the extreme professionalism and dedication that all the personnel exhibited during this long and confinement period first of its kind in modern era.

Some COVID specific projects could start at IINS, and we’ll communicate on these later on.

On Monday May 11th, France started deconfinement to slowly restarts its economical and research activity. Similarly, the lab entered in the « Plan de Reprise d’Activités » to prepare for the restart of lab activities.

From Tuesday May 19th, IINS will restart its activities gradually following the University of Bordeaux rules*. Initially, only authorized personnel will access to the laboratory in accordance with the conditions and maximum safety instructions.

Again, special thanks to all the people who took care of the maintenance of biological samples and mouse colonies and all those who work to organize the restart, but also to all of us who continued working and producing or organizing science to advance our knowledge. A special thought also to the personnel who had to deal simultaneously with taking care of the family and working from home and to those who can’t yet come back to the lab.

Hopefully, the situation will keep on improving, let’s remain vigilant and contribute to a safe IINS restart.

Daniel Choquet

* UBx calendar:
From May 11th to May 17th: Phase 1
From May 18th to July 28th: Phase 2, (slow) restart of activity
July 29th to August 19th: yearly administrative closure of the University (not sure if this will have an impact on the lab activities. TBD)
From August 19th and on: Phase 3 - Will depend on the local and national COVID-situation. TBD....

=> See the Coronavirus information on the UBx website:
=> On the CNRS website (French): / (English):