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Intracellular transport of AMPA receptors - Cell Reports 2018

Intracellular transport of AMPA receptors - Cell Reports 2018

Neuronal Activity and Intracellular Calcium Levels Regulate Intracellular Transport of Newly Synthesized AMPAR

Regulation of AMPA receptors (AMPARs) trafficking pathways is key for plasticity of excitatory synaptic transmission. Intracellular transport of newly synthesized receptors is likely an important step in AMPAR life cycle, but has been little studied due to technical limitations. Combining molecular tools with new imaging modalities in cultured rat hippocampal neurons, we show that neo-synthetized GluA1 are similarly transported antero- and retrogradely, with a mean speed of 1.5 µm.sec-1 in both directions. Synaptic activity and variations in intracellular calcium levels modulate GluA1 transport. Chemical LTP induces an early arrest and a long-term increase in GluA1 transport, while acute glutamate uncaging on spines stops vesicular movements. GluA1 phosphomimetic mutants preferentially travel to the dendritic tip, probably to replenish the extrasynaptic pool away from the soma. Our findings indicate that AMPAR intracellular transport is highly regulated during synaptic plasticity and likely participates to regulation of AMPAR numbers at the plasma membrane.

E. Hangen, F Coussen in Cell Reports

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