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Molecular Biology & Biochemistry

JPEGContact: Françoise Coussen - Tel. +33 (0)5 33 51 47 34

A central resource of expertise in molecular biology and biochemistry part of the Cell Biology core facility of IINS

The strong need for the production of recombinant proteins, plasmids and general molecular tools, calls for the reinforcement of some of those activities as a central resource of expertise.

Needs for DNA constructions and biochemistry, maybe heavy but are often punctual, particularly for research groups mostly specialized in imaging and electrophysiology.

These techniques need three essential conditions to be efficiently performed:

  1. accessibility to “heavy” equipments such as ultra-centrifuges, spectro-photometers, SDS gels readers, etc. ...
  2. consumable tools such as restriction enzymes or Sepharose resins
  3. skilled personnel to help with those experiments.

The goal the resource is to share molecular biology and biochemistry approaches, so that each team will have a rapid and efficient access to these basic techniques and all the tools, materials and technical expertise to perform their projects. The center offers the ability to:

  • Perform cDNA constructs
  • Plasmid handling, maxipreparations
  • Protein expression and validation
  • It also acts as a bridge with the FNB biochemistry core facility.

The center has 3 different goals:

  • Centralization and registration of existing tools (DNA, antibodies) at IINS. Different tools will be listed by the “centre de ressources” personnel to share them with the different labs. The qualifications of each IINS personnel member will be registered as well.
  • Construction of specific DNA for the groups without such expertise. This will be performed by a technician from the “centre de ressources”.
  • Running projects in collaboration with the IINS teams. Projects will be discussed with F. Coussen to study their feasibility and their agenda. They will be executed in close collaboration between engineers from the center and the contact person from the interested research team.

Service offer

The molecular biology and biochemistry resource of IINS can help you in setting up your experiments. It can also provide cDNA constructs and characterization at the cell biology and biochemistry level on a contract basis.