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Recycling endosomes undergo rapid closure of a fusion pore upon exocytosis in neuronal dendrites
Damien Jullié, Daniel Choquet & David Perrais
Accepted in the Journal of Neuroscience

Movie 1

Exocytosis events recorded at 10 Hz with spinning disk confocal microscopy in the soma and dendrites of a neuron (14 DIV) transfected with TfR-SEP. Movie is displayed in real time, scale bar is 5 µm.

Movie 2

Events corresponding to Figure 5E. A display event is followed 24 s later by a burst event corresponding to the same organelle. Movie is accelerated 5 times, scale bar is 1 µm.

Movie 3

Display event corresponding to Figure 4A during pH oscillations, recorded at 10 Hz with a wide field epifluorescence microscope. Opening (sudden increase in fluorescence which oscillates with pH, green arrow) and closing (the fluorescence of the structure stops oscillating, orange arrow) are clearly visible. Movie is slowed down 2 times, scale bar is 1 µm.