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University of Bordeaux
Interdisciplinary Institute for Neurosciences
146 Rue Léo Saignat
33077 Bordeaux
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Phone: (+33)5 57 57 56 74

Recent News

2015-07: Our paper called "3D high- and super-resolution imaging using single-objective SPIM" has been accepted for publication in Nature Methods. It describes a new and innovative method for Selective Plane Illumination Microscopy that uses a single objective for both excitation and detection and which allow for multi-scale 3D imaging and in depth single-molecule localization microscopy.


I obtained my PhD in the field of light-matter interaction in 2008 at the CEA-Grenoble where I developed a robust fluorescence reader for continuous pathogen agent detection using immunoanalyses assays. I then directed my researches toward biology developing different optical and microfabrication methods to address specific biological issues. During a first post-doctorate at the LiPhy (2009-10), I developed a multi-confocal microscope for simultaneous FCS measurements in several points within living cells. I then developed approaches for 2D and 3D patterning of proteins in the CytoMorpho Lab as well as a method that use the self-assembly behaviours of the actin filaments to create 3D electrical connexions for technological applications (2010-12). During a third Post-doc at IINS (2013-2015), I developed a new and innovative light-sheet microscope architecture based on the combination of micro fabricated devices displaying 45° mirrors and a single objective. I am now a researcher in the team Quantitative Imaging of the Cells at IINS where I am developing different optical super-resolution approaches in order to improve the penetration depth, the spectral capabilities and the temporal resolution of single-molecule based super-resolution methods. These improved imaging capabilities are used to better understand the molecular mechanisms that drive the information transmission through the synapses.

Actual projects:

  • soSPIM: a new tool for 3D high and super-resolution imaging of biological samples.
  • Multicolor 3D Single particle tracking using spectrally displaced localization.

Past noteworthy projects:

  • I have developed an innovative method that use the self-assembly properties of the actin cytoskeleton of cells to create 3D electrical connexions for micro-electronic applications. Such bio-inspired approaches aim to take advantage of the controlled behaviours of complex biological systems to develop new and alternative technological devices and functions.
  • I have developed a 2D dynamic patterning method that use a focalized laser beam to ablate the cell repellent properties of poly-ethylene glycol (PEG) coating. It has been used to dynamically modify the adhesion properties of surfaces surrounding living cells leading to controlled re-organization of the cell cytoskeleton.


Since 2016: Researcher in the Quantitative Imaging of the Cell team at IINS.

2013 - 2015: Post-doctorate in collaboration between Quantitative Imaging of the Cell team at the Interdisciplinary Institute for Neurosciences (IINS, France) and the Biomechanics of Cell-Cell Contact team at the MechanoBiology Institute (MBI, Singapore).

2010 - 2012: Post-doctorate in the CytoMorphoLab at the CEA-Grenoble (France).

2009 - 2010: Post-doctorate in the team Materials, Optics and Instrumental Techniques for the Life Sciances in the Laboratoire Interdisciplinaire de Physique (LiPhy, France).

2008: PhD in Light-matter interaction called: “Development and integration of a field-oriented fluorescence-based array biosensor for continuous pathogen detection” in the Laboratoire d’Imagerie et Systèmes d’Analyses at the Cea-Grenoble (France).


Optic: Optical microscopy (Wide-field, linear and non linear fluorescence, confocal, super-resolution (PALM, STORM, STED, SIM), light sheet microscopy, laser-based patterning methods, Photo-polymerization processes.
Biology: Molecular and cellular biology of the cytoskeleton; Cell culture, fixation, transfection and staining; Drosophila embryo imaging.
Chemistry: surface functionalization and passivation, Metallization processes.
Technology: Micro-fabrication (lithography and soft lithography), Biosensors, knowledge in microelectronic technologies.
Informatics: Office, Image analysis (ImageJ, Matlab, MetaMorph), 3D reconstruction, Programming skills (ImageJ, Matlab, Labview, Visual Basic).


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* Contributed equally to this work

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Patent pending 2013 – WO 2015/030678 A1

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