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Research axis

The team headed by Marc Landry and entitled "Mécanismes centraux de la sensibilisation à la douleur", develops 5 research axes:

1/ Role of the intrinsic properties of dorsal horn neuron (DHNs) in the plasticity of nociceptive transmission in naive ans pathological conditions. This axis is divided in 2 parts :

  • I. In vivo High-Intensity-Focused-Ultrasounds(HIFU)-mediated heat induction of gene deletion. Managed by Christel Baudet, lecturer in Cell Biology.
  • II Role of DHNs intrinsic properties in plasticity of nociceptive transmission. Managed by Pascal Fossat, lecturer in Biology of Organisms.

2/ The mechanisms of GABAb receptor disinhibition and consequences in pain disorders. Managed by Marc Landry Professor in Cell Biology and Rabia Bennazzouz, Research Engineer.

3/ miRNA-based regulatory system in brain disorders. Axis managed by Alexandre Favereaux, lecturer in Cell Biology.

4/ The role and function of C-LTMR sensory fibers in pain transmission and pain disorders. Yves Le Feuvre, Researcher, is in charge of this project.

5/ Role of Neuropeptides in the modulation of descending pathways controlling nociceptive transmission. managed by Pascal Fossat, Olivier Roca-Lapirot (Post-doc), and Marc Landry.