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The Marcel Dassault 2015 prize to Laurent Groc

The Marcel Dassault 2015 prize to Laurent Groc

Laurent Groc, head of the team "Development and Adaptation of Neuronal Connections", has been awarded of the 2015 Marcel Dassault Prize, which is the highest French award for innovative research in the mental health field (Fondation FondaMental).
The international jury, chaired by Pr. David Kupfer, recognized the originality and great potential of the understanding of autoimmunity in psychotic disorders. Groc’s lab will combine cutting edge high resolution imaging and classical electrophysiological approaches to detect and decrypt the impact of autoantbodies from psychotic patients.

The Marcel Dassault 2015 prize to Laurent Groc {JPEG}
Left to right: Pr. Marion Leboyer (Fondation FondaMental Dir.), Mr. David de Rotschild (Fondation FondaMental President), Pr. Philip Gorwood (Chercheur de l’Année 2015), Laurent Groc, Mr. Serge Dassault (Group Dassault President), Mme Marie-Helene Haber (Head of the Communication Dassault Group) - Crédit photo Serge Dulud – GIMD

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