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single-objective selective plane illumination microscopy
J.B. Sibarita and R. Galland

We have developed an innovative microscope architecture, named soSPIM, that uses a single-objective both for selective plane illumination and signal collection. It uses the combination of a laser beam steering unit with dedicated micro-fabricated devices displaying 45° mirrors. This system has been protected by 2 patents in 2013 [1,2] that are now in PCT phase for Europe, US, Japan and China.

This work has been published in Nature Methods [3] and presented at various international meetings (LSFM 2014, LSFM 2015, ELMI 2015, FBI 2015, SMLMS 2015, FOM 2016). We will present a workshop at the next MifoBio imaging school (September 2016).

We are working on the distribution of the soSPIM system to the microscopy and biologist community. To achieve this goal, we have developed a prototype of the beam steering unit and we are working on the industrial fabrication process to produce the devices displaying the 45° mirrors. We plan to distribute the first prototype to 3 to 4 laboratory as beta testers around June 2016.

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