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Research Projects

Team Project Summary

Project Leader(s): Anna Brachet, Daniel Choquet, Françoise Coussen, Eric Hosy, Matthieu Sainlos

We have a transdisciplinary approach to study the interplay between the organizational dynamics of the molecular components of glutamatergic synapses and synaptic transmission. Our projects build on our recent findings that:

  • Trafficking of neuronal molecules such as glutamate receptors is highly dynamic,
  • Regulations of protein-protein interactions play key roles in the control of this trafficking at different steps, including lateral diffusion, endo and exocytosis,
  • Modulation of glutamate receptor trafficking has a profound impact on synaptic transmission, including on both short and long term post-synaptic plasticity.
  • Malfunction of glutamate receptor stabilization and trafficking could be the primary cause for a variety of brain diseases having roots in synapse dysfunction.

By combining the expertise of chemists, biochemists, cell biologists, biophysicists and neurophysiologists, we develop 4 main research axes:

  • Dynamics and physical-chemistry of the macro-molecular complexes of the synapse,
  • Nano-scale organization and dynamics of synaptic proteins and membrane trafficking,
  • Impact of the dynamic of synapse organization on synaptic physiology.
  • Mechanism of synapse and brain dysfunction in neurodevelopmental diseases such as autism spectrum disorder and mental retardation.

Results obtained in these four axes will be constantly integrated to provide a global view of glutamatergic synapse physiology and pathology, from nano-scale interactions to function up to higher brain functions such as memory formation and retrieval.


Our team is funded by ERC Advanced Grant Dyn-Syn-Mem, several ANR grants, and funding from the Regional Council of Aquitaine, Fondation pour la Recherche Médicale, etc...

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