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About IINS

IINS gathers scientists from diverse backgrounds to understand brain function in health and disease. We perform research at the forefront of synapse biology and physiology of neuronal systems, with an emphasis on the development of new technologies and tools.

Laurent Groc, Médaille d'argent du CNRS 2022


Celebrating the sale of Corlieve Therapeutics

The startup Corlieve Therapeutics co-founded by Christophe Mulle PI @IINS just sold to UNIQURE for 250 M€


APP accumulates with presynaptic proteins around amyloid plaques: a key feature in Alzheimer disease

Alzheimer's & Dementia, January 2022


BRAIN_2030 «Grand Programme de Recherche» de l'université de Bordeaux

The Bordeaux Neuroscience center of excellence


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