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Innovation at IINS

Since its creation in 2011 as IINS (Interdisciplinary Institute for Neuroscience), we have been guided by our mandate to become a center of excellence in neuroscience and to act as an intellectual, scientific and technical resource to the industry. This mission fits with the second mission entrusted by the French State to the CNRS at enhancing the value of research, i.e. contributing to the transfer of knowledge to society.

Inventions, technologies and innovative companies come out of the French public laboratories every year. Numerous discoveries at the source of major innovations are the result of fundamental research in all fields and areas of research, including neuroscience, molecular biology, physiology, chemistry, computer science or optics - all areas of research thoroughly investigated at IINS. This research at the frontiers of knowledge is long term and promotes important changes in our societies. 
In the past 9 years, our objective has been to contribute to the basic understanding of the central nervous system function at different scales through technological and methodological developments in high resolution imaging, computing, chemical biology, protein chemistry, biological engineering and in vivo physiology. In the recent years, we’ve also been focusing on identifying new therapeutic targets and developing new therapeutic strategies for neurological and psychiatric disorders.

IINS researchers are contributing to innovation through 3 main axes: filing patents, partnering with companies and creating start-ups.

Valorisation of patents

As a research centre committed to the valorisation of patents, the IINS eventually licenses its patents to industrialists and entrepreneurs who can then use them. Those licenses are usually accompanied by scientific partnerships (e.g. WAVE-Tracer, a sotware for real-time super-resolution reconstruction with Molecular Devices). IINS researchers are inventors who have been filing 10+ patents since 2011. 

Partnering with companies

Partnership with companies is also at the basis of our valorisation policy. The Interdisciplinary Institute for Neuroscience has created links with major industrial groups or smaller companies at the international, national or regional level and constantly looks at developing ties with the actors of the economic world. This diversity is the strength of an original model, based on the co-construction of innovation. The IINS has recently tightened its links with the private sector by putting together a “Joint Research Lab” with ALVEOLE. As an R&D node for FranceBioImaging (a national infrastructure in biology and health), the close bonds between IINS and the Bordeaux Imaging Center (BIC, an imaging facility endorsed by the European Council) are also a huge advantage for the transfer of technology.

Creating start-ups
The IINS researchers have created two start-ups (ALVEOLE, Corlieve Therapeutics) in the past years, with another creation project on the verge of success.

We are also transferring our knowledge through open-source softwares (SpineJ, Tesselation-suite…), the Bordeaux School of Neuroscience or two of the “Ecoles Universitaires de Recherche” (Neuroscience & Light). The Interdisciplinary Institute for Neuroscience is strongly supported in its innovation and valorisation activities by CNRS Innovation in order to detect and then support research projects that bring innovation through pre-maturation, the partnership and valorisation service of the CNRS regional delegation and the SATT (Tech Transfer acceleration company) "Aquitaine Science Transfert".

To find out more about research partnership opportunities at IINS, please contact the researcher involved in areas of potential interest or Cedric Lopez, our innovation officer.