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6 November 2014

A center for interdisciplinary research in Neuroscience

Discern the infinitely small in order to grasp the complexity of the brain
The Institute for Interdisciplinary Neuroscience (IINS) is a research center that has officially opened (...)

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30 March 2020

COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic: News from the French Académie des Sciences

The Academy of Sciences provides links to find reliable information on the COVID-19 Coronavirus epidemic
For reliable information on the COVID-19 Coronavirus epidemic, the French Academy of (...)

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20 March 2020

IINS is temporarily closed

As everywhere in the world, our Lab has closed down to allow most of the personnel to go under efficient confinement and protection. Thankfully, a handful of dedicated personnel is taking care (...)

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17 December 2019

A discrete presynaptic vesicle cycle for neuromodulator receptors - Neuron, December 2019

A major function of GPCRs is to inhibit presynaptic neurotransmitter release, requiring ligand-activated receptors to couple locally to effectors at terminals. The current understanding of how (...)

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22 November 2019

VGLUT1 regulates synaptic-vesicle spontaneous release - eLife November 2019

A proline-rich motif on VGLUT1 reduces synaptic vesicle super-pool and spontaneous release frequency
“Should I stay or should I go” may summarize the mechanisms at play acting on synaptic vesicles (...)

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